Spring 22 Writing Workshop—join a small group of writers in an energising, creative writing workshop

Tuesday Sept 6 – November 29: fortnightly online workshop blocks & face-to-face zooms.

New participants: $675.00. Continuing participants, previously enrolled: $635.00

The workshop is comprised of six 2-week blocks. The first week of each block is dedicated to your writing and posting of new work, the second week to critiquing, concluding with a zoom workshop. 

This Workshop is suitable for you if

  • You’re well underway with a project and keen to have feedback on it, or
  • You want to be challenged to try new techniques and develop new skills in the craft of writing, or
  • You’re blocked or stuck with an idea or manuscript and need feedback to find new ways to approach the work and get it going again, or
  • You’re feeling that you urgently need a deadline and a readership, and for whatever reason (demands of work or family etc) are finding it challenging to maintain a regular writing habit, or
  • You want to spend time talking to other writers about what you love most, writing and reading.


The workshop is comprised of six 2-week blocks. In the first week of each block participants focus on writing then posting their work by the due date. The second week of each block involves feedback and discussion concluding with a zoom workshop. Micro lessons about technique and optional writing prompts along with discussions during the workshop blocks support each participant to write regularly, to try new techniques and expand on their craft. By the end of the Spring Workshop participants will have written between 2,000 and 12,000 words (or more). If you have any questions, please email Jane at ink@janemesser.com.


Tuesday September 6 – November 29, 2022. The online workshops are asynchronous: log in and post anytime during the fortnight. Come online at times that suit you. The zoom meetings are all live/synchronous. You can join with webcam or by phone. They are held on fortnightly Tuesday evenings 6.30-7.30 AEDT (see dates below).


Workshopping creative writing is not a natural skill, it’s a learned practice. I provide guidance on this critical component of the workshop, and we give time to discussing how to give and receive feedback that’s both generous and critical.


I (she/her) am committed to providing a supportive and welcoming space for all participants and their writing. Please contact me about anything you would like me to know before enrolling or with any questions that you have.


The estimated workload for each week is 4+ hours of your own writing, reading of creative writing by peers, preparing feedback and participating in the fortnightly zoom workshop.

INDIVIDUAL FEEDBACK from Jane Messer $225.00

I provide fortnightly feedback on each piece of work that participants submit. If you’d also like comprehensive written feedback from myself to a final piece of your creative writing up to 3,000 words please select and pay for the workshop + Individual Feedback package. The 225.00 is an early bird price (a saving of over $75.00 on my usual manuscript assessment rate).


  1. Tuesday Sept 6: Workshop Block 1 commences, and Zoom Introductory Meeting 1, 6.30-7.30 pm. All zooms are at this time.
  2. Tuesday Sept 20: Workshop Block 2 commences. Zoom Workshop 1
  3. Tuesday Oct 4: Workshop Block 3 commences. Zoom Workshop 2
  4. Tuesday Oct 18: Workshop Block 4 commences. Zoom Workshop 3
  5. Tuesday Nov 1: Workshop Block 5 commences. Zoom Workshop 4
  6. Tuesday Nov 15: Workshop Block 6 commences. Zoom Workshop 5
  7. Spring 22 Workshop concludes Tues Nov 29. Zoom Workshop 6


Select from one of the four options—

  1. Continuing participant $635.00

Only available to participants who have previously completed one or more of these workshops. See the section above for more details on Individual Feedback/manuscript assessment.

2. Continuing + Individual Feedback $860.00

Only available to participants who have completed one or more of these workshops. Includes early bird saving on Individual Feedback price. See the section above for more details on Individual Feedback/manuscript assessment.

3. New participant $675.00—Welcome!

4. New Participant + Individual Feedback $900

Includes early bird saving on Individual Feedback price.


A full refund is available up to the 20th August. No refunds after that date. Places are reserved for participants (max 9). Once the workshop commences missed weeks/absences do not receive a partial refund or credit.

Once your payment is completed, check your email for confirmation and a receipt from Stripe. You will receive a separate welcome email with information from Jane Messer within a day about the next steps.