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Dear Dr Chekhov image by Maxine Sundic 2015
Image by Maxine Sundic 2015

Dear Dr Chekhov  tells the imaginary story of the Russian writer Anton Chekhov’s epistolary friendship with Phoebe Jane Phillips, a lighthouse keeper’s daughter who lived on Lady Elliot Island, on the Great Barrier Reef. Broadcast on ABC RN Soundproof 2015 and by podcast. Read more here.


LE Island, Crested Tern
LE Island, Crested Tern

Mermaid of Cockatoo With music arranged & composed by Coralie Joyce. Ella Cook is Marina. Sound engineers: Steven Tilley & Michelle Goldsworthy. Produced & directed by Jane Ulman. Broadcast on ABC RN Airplay  2007, 2009.

Short Fiction


Griffith Review
Griffith Review

Eat and be Eaten’, Griffith Review, No. 42, 2013 ONCE UPON A TIME IN OZ 

‘Overboard’, Wet Ink, Sept 2012  Download ‘Overboard’

‘Mermaid of Cockatoo’, in Travellers’ Tales: Best Stories Under the Sun 2, 2005   Download ‘Mermaid’

‘Plump Girls Pinched With Butter’  Women Love Sex, edited by Susan Johnson, Vintage, 1996 & at Fall 2000 Vol 6 No 4

Articles & Essays
SAM_seminar_20_Messer-1‘Reconceptualising Maternal Work: Dejours, Ruddick and Lionel Shriver’s We Need to Talk about Kevin‘, Women’s Studies International Forum, # 38C, July 2013.

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‘Being Impossible: Narratives of Mothering’, Of Mothers and Death: from Procreation to Creation 2008
Download ‘Being Impossible’

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