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Jane Messer

Writer. Mentor.

Supportive manuscript mentoring for emerging and established, published and unpublished writers. Fiction and nonfiction. Literary, genre, adult and YA. Testimonials

Three Hour mentorship

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A focused session or limited series of sessions that includes reading a short section of a longer work, or a complete short work. I provide written feedback and one-on-one discussion.

Sustained Development mentorship

Sustained Development Mentoring is suited to experienced published or unpublished writers, who have a substantial draft manuscript underway. This intensive one-on-one approach of regular meetings will help you progress your work through key stages of its development.

Manuscript Assessment

For writers with a completed or substantially completed book manuscript, who are seeking a written appraisal that addresses themes, structure, characterisation and other key elements.

About Me

I have mentored many writers and student writers over the past thirty years in my work as a creative writing teacher, mentor and editor. I’ve published novels, anthologies of world literature and new Australian writing; written and produced two radio dramas; and published experimental and realist short stories.  As well as being passionate about my own writing, I love working with writers to help them hone their craft, explore new techniques, become confident about process, and to write the best possible work.