Anna Karenina: not too many parties

I said in my last blog that I’d be writing about writing parties and meetings, and with the new Anna Karenina film soon out, along with Baz Lurhmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby, I decided to take another look at Anna Karenina, before returning to the very great Gatsby. It takes a good deal longerContinue reading “Anna Karenina: not too many parties”

It’s the season for parties

Ebb and flow, emotional highs and lows, focus and implication, dialogue and gesture, a drawn-out event, the management of multiple characters, viewpoints and a plurality of names and faces: these are the elements that challenge. And this is the season for them: parties, dinners, and gatherings of friends and family in parks for music andContinue reading “It’s the season for parties”

How many ways can you write, looking at me, punk? Exercise

How many ways can you write, looking at me, punk? Exercise Speech in narrative can be represented through summary, which is purely ‘telling’ in form, through to being written almost verbatim in a highly ‘mimetic’ form. By varying the ways that we represent speech, writers are able to modulate pace by summarising or extending speech,Continue reading “How many ways can you write, looking at me, punk? Exercise”