Get out of novel iso

The novel manuscript’s needs are great, and constant. Novels are anti-social creatures that don’t want you to share yourself with any other manuscript. You return to it again and again, but it invariably wants more hours from you. You love it, and hate it. When you’re together, you feel boring. Only occasionally do you feelContinue reading “Get out of novel iso”

The critical first, middle and last 10 pages

In the most recent of Writing NSW’s First Friday Club talks, hosted by author Ashley Kalagian Blunt, publisher Terri-ann White spoke about her new publishing venture Upswell Publishing. After publishing around 450 books at UWA Press, Terri-ann White has partnered with Black Inc. and Penguin Random House for representation and distribution in Australia and internationally.  Upswell’s first book will be out this August.Continue reading “The critical first, middle and last 10 pages”

Hilary Mantel’s first person

A thousand pages of writing were framed by Mantel’s first paragraphs about Cromwell the boy: from the blood of her first pages, to the blood of his death with the executioner’s axe. Mantel was talking about Thomas Cromwell last night at Carriageworks, and the writing and research for the Wolf Hall trilogy, a little aboutContinue reading “Hilary Mantel’s first person”

a pinch of megalomania

“Lie about everything to anyone who’s a stranger to you.” Reading excerpts of Walter Serner’s 1927 book Last Loosening, I thought how similar Serner’s lessons for con artists are to our self-styling social media posts today, a century later. ‘Be more than you are, be nothing!’ Followed by, ‘Then you will be something.’ Then whenContinue reading “a pinch of megalomania”

Listening parties, the new thang.

It wasn’t the fault of artistic angst, but Dear Dr Chekhov has taken a little while, a few years in fact, to reach the airwaves.  Last week it premiered at a packed listening event before being broadcast on ABC Radio National’s Soundproof program. (Don’t worry if you missed the broadcast, it’s now a podcast.) The one-hour Soundproof program and half-hour weekly  RadioTonic program makeContinue reading “Listening parties, the new thang.”

Should authors Rushdie to judgment as book reviewers?

Poor Salman Rushdie. On the global books site GoodReads, he recently gave public 1-, 2- and 3-star ratings to books by well-known and esteemed writers such as Kingsley Amis, the late father of his friend Martin Amis, and Hermione Lee. He claims not to have realised his ratings were public. GoodReads – launched in 2007Continue reading “Should authors Rushdie to judgment as book reviewers?”