From ‘scenelets’ to scene

A take-away from last week’s sessions had to do with gathering small scenes or sequences of incidents together into a more substantive single scene.

The critical first, middle and last 10 pages

In the most recent of Writing NSW’s First Friday Club talks, hosted by author Ashley Kalagian Blunt, publisher…

Hilary Mantel’s first person

A thousand pages of writing were framed by Mantel’s first paragraphs about Cromwell the boy:…

a pinch of megalomania

“Lie about everything to anyone who’s a stranger to you.” Reading excerpts of Walter Serner’s…

Australia awash with political memoir

Do sales say anything meaningful about these books’ impact on our political process or cultural debate?

Listening parties, the new thang.

It wasn’t the fault of artistic angst, but Dear Dr Chekhov has taken a little while, a few…

Should authors Rushdie to judgment as book reviewers?

Poor Salman Rushdie. On the global books site GoodReads, he recently gave public 1-, 2-…

In conversation with the editor

I love the baroque patterning that you can work toward with the family

Who said launch?

The author wants something to mark the occasion. A couple of drinks won’t do. Sleeping with the advance copies under your pillow won’t do.