It’s the season for parties

Ebb and flow, emotional highs and lows, focus and implication, dialogue and gesture, a drawn-out event, the management of multiple characters, viewpoints and a plurality of names and faces: these are the elements that challenge. And this is the season for them: parties, dinners, and gatherings of friends and family in parks for music andContinue reading “It’s the season for parties”

Dog Bite (a noun and a verb exercise)

The naming words and the doing words are where all the action is in prose. Look what happened when Blackmore brought the dog-noun and the bite-verb together: savagery.  I love Blackmore’s poem for so many reasons, but today I want to read it in terms of nouns and verbs. ‘Dog Bite’, Elizabeth Blackmore my dogContinue reading “Dog Bite (a noun and a verb exercise)”

The 147 character story?

We’ve heard about micro stories, micro fiction, short shorts and flash fiction, but the 147 character story in a tweet? Is the tweeted story to fiction what steam punk is to technology: the possibility of a wonderful new artefact (the tweet) combining with the old (the narrative). Could a story be written through a seriesContinue reading “The 147 character story?”