Ways in to Writing Imaginatively

Suddenly I’m spending time with teens, but they’re not my own two, and I’m talking about writing. Working with the year 12s this past month, and my usual third year university students, I’ve seen close-up what the soon-to-be school leavers will emerge into, just 3 years later when they’re in their early 20s. Bright, withContinue reading “Ways in to Writing Imaginatively”

Anna Karenina: not too many parties

I said in my last blog that I’d be writing about writing parties and meetings, and with the new Anna Karenina film soon out, along with Baz Lurhmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby, I decided to take another look at Anna Karenina, before returning to the very great Gatsby. It takes a good deal longerContinue reading “Anna Karenina: not too many parties”

The 147 character story?

We’ve heard about micro stories, micro fiction, short shorts and flash fiction, but the 147 character story in a tweet? Is the tweeted story to fiction what steam punk is to technology: the possibility of a wonderful new artefact (the tweet) combining with the old (the narrative). Could a story be written through a seriesContinue reading “The 147 character story?”