Join us, Sept 6. Spring 22 Writing Workshop.

Immerse yourself in what you love to do, and want to do more of, with me, one of Australia’s most outstanding teachers of creative writing and writing workshop leaders. Join a small group of 9 writers for this year’s Spring 22 Writing Workshop. The workshop offers 6 fortnights of online workshopping and feedback, and 7 evening face-to-face zooms, starting Sept 6 and finishing on 29 November.

I’m now offering my writing workshop three times a year, and we’ve settled into a really good format. I left full time teaching at Macquarie University 18 months ago and love the fact that I am continuing with what I loved most about my work there—spending time with emerging writers and their creative writing.

It’s no surprise then, that I’m welcoming back regulars to these workshops along with a few new people each time. Over three months we write, talk craft and technique, look closely at works-in-progress. The workshop feedback is invariably both supportive and challenging—that’s feedback from myself and the other writers. We also get down into the feelings about writing and creativity— looking at those moments of excitement and discovery, along with the hesitancies, the blocks, the thoughts that are maybe holding back the writing. If you’re wrestling with some aspect of your writing, this is the workshop for you.

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In my last (Autumn) workshop, almost everyone had a major breakthrough with their writing. Here’s a short selection of some of the achievements and transformations that took place—Louise broke through uncertainties about the form of a new work, and found the right voice for it. —Claire began a demanding, creative nonfiction essay about family breakdown, migration and much more. —Katie focused on refining her technical skills in a YA fantasy novel that’s rocketing along.

Liv and Susannah each produced many thousands of new words on their literary novel and rom-com novel. Both manuscripts are now well underway (Susannah is close to a finished draft), after originally languishing in the bottom drawer offering nothing but recriminations.

Victoria realised that thinking she had to “Write A Book!” was overwhelming her, and discovered instead that a series of linked memoir pieces was what excited her—and found her voice and form. —Gillian eased off on some self-censoring habits, and started on a series of vivid memoir pieces about her remarkable childhood.

Eve grappled with a beautifully ambitious short story, recognising that it’s okay to feel a bit down when faced with the difficulties of the page, and that those feelings do pass. —Jacqui surprised herself (but not us) by writing her second middle grade short story, after saying that the short story isn’t her thing—and already has interest from a children’s literature magazine in publishing one of them.

Cost: Returning participants $635. New participants $675. Individual manuscript assessment also available as part of the workshop. If you have any questions feel free to email me at Click here: ENROL and/or FIND OUT MORE

We finished the Autumn workshop in June— here’s what some of the writers had to say

“Like L—, like a lot of people in the course, I’ve started to focus on the joy of writing again.” Jaqui

“I just wanted to add my thanks to Jane’s words, for the insights and the openness at last night’s workshop. I took lots of notes! And I definitely left feeling uplifted, and that I’d learned a new vocabulary around “managing” emotions but also some very specific ideas about strategies. I also think the workshop owed much to Jane’s fostering of an environment in which it is possible to really go there, and trust that you will be heard with empathy and recognition.” Eve

“With fiction, my biggest issue is I just don’t see it through. This has been such a vital exercise for me, workshopping a fiction project, and getting over this tendency I have to simply abandon ship when the going gets too hard.” Liv

“You should make a book of your Micro Lessons and Writing Prompts, Jane. They’re so helpful. I’ll buy it.” Katie — Katie, the book is well underway!

“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for always being such a great mentor…It has been so beneficial to my writer wellbeing to get things back on track just writing something else, workshopping and meeting other writers, especially after being in a slump and then having a baby.” Claire

“Something significant I have also taken from this course is learning to think more critically about my own work, and to enjoy what I discover and the process of implementing it.” Jacqui

“It’s sincerely been another truly valuable and wonderful experience that has added so much to not only to my writing but to my life. That sounds ‘ott’, but it really has added so much value to me and been a big part of my weekly activities in a very positive way.” Susannah

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Author: Jane Messer

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