Manuscript Assessment

A Manuscript Assessment involves me in reading your completed or draft manuscript, and giving you a professional, industry-based opinion and critique of the work. Your work might be a short story or series of short stories/flash fictions, or a completed nonfiction book or novel.

You might be asking yourself, Is my book ready to submit to an agent, or competition? Or, I’ve finished my novel, I don’t know what to do next, I want to get it published. You may simply want a very experienced reader and author to read your work and respond with intelligence, care and engagement.

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In addition to sending me your manuscript, you will write a 1-2 page introduction to your work (similar to a book proposal) that sets out your aims, your intended readership, the genre that you’re writing and anything else that’s important to you to say about your work. This information is key to me helping you make it the best manuscript it can be. I’m as supportive of genre writers as I am of others aiming to be innovative and bring new ideas and approaches to established audiences.

Ideally, my assessment comes in after you’ve had informal feedback such as through a writing workshop or writing group, and after you’ve revised the draft and given the work time to mature. An appraisal can’t do the development work of the Sustained Development Mentoring.

My report will be between 2,000-2,500 words long. It will appraise the work, and potentially provide suggestions for further development. I might also offer some feedback directly within your manuscript in order to specifically illustrate an issue, but this is not a significant part of the service. (The Sustained Development mentoring is more suitable if it is detailed feedback that you need.)


  • Short Manuscript up to 3,000 words $300
  • Medium Manuscript 3000-10,000 words $500
  • Long Manuscript over 10,000 words. For every additional block of up to 10,000 words, add $75.00
  • To calculate the cost of a Long Manuscript assessment, start with the base fee of $500, then multiply $75 for however many blocks of 10,000 words you have in addition to that. Round up: if your manuscript is 81,000 words in length, then it is charged at the “up to” 90,000 word rate. A manuscript of 81,000 words will cost the initial $500 plus $600 for the additional words.
  • Manuscripts over 90,000 words have a starting rate of $1,500
  • Your contextualising 1-2 page introduction is not included in the word count.

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