Manuscript Assessment

A Manuscript Assessment involves me in reading your completed or draft manuscript, and giving you a professional, industry-based opinion and critique of the work. Your work might be a short story or series of short stories/flash fictions, or a completed nonfiction book or novel.

Suited to writers:

  • Who want an experienced editor and author to read their work and respond with expertise, care and engagement.
  • Have completed a longer manuscript (e.g. short story collection, creative nonfiction manuscript or novel) and want an appraisal before revising and/or sending to agents, publishers, or competitions.
  • Have one or two short stories, micro fictions, creative nonfiction essays or other literary experiments they want appraised, along with suggestions as to potential journals and other opportunities.
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My report will be between 1,000-2,500 words long depending on the length of the original work; feedback for a short story or personal essay will be 1-2 pages in length, and will include some in-text feedback. The report will appraise the work overall, taking consideration of its genre and intended readership/audience; structure of the whole and its parts (sections, chapters, scenes) ; characterisation; pacing; language etc. I will provide suggestions for further development of the work.

I’m as supportive of genre writers as I am of others aiming to be innovative and bring new ideas and approaches to established audiences. I gladly work with diverse writers and have a commitment to being a diverse ally.

Manuscript Assessment Rates

  • Short story/creative nonfiction essays/chapters up to 3,500 words: $350.00.
  • 7000 words: $500.00.
  • 7,500-10,000 words: $600
  • 10,000-20,000 words $700
  • Over 21,000 words: $750 + $200 per additional 10,000 words. (e.g. a 91,000 word novel = $750 + $1400.)
  • Your contextualising 1-2 page introduction is not included in the word count. Word count is approximate, rounded up.


Start by contacting me. For longer works, please include a 1-2 page introduction to your work (similar to a book proposal) that sets out your aims, your intended readership, the word length, the genre that you’re writing, and anything else that’s important to you to say about your work. Information about your publishing history if you have published before is also helpful.

From there we’ll have a conversation via phone or email about the best format for sending the work to me; payment; time frames and any other questions you might have.