Small interactive group writing workshop & masterclass

I lead a series of small group writing workshops each year. Be part of a lively, supportive community. Share your passion with others who’re just as passionate about writing and developing their skills. Workshop groups are small, 6-9 students, and run across 3 months. The workshops support writers to do their best writing in an immersive and supportive environment, receiving expert guidance and feedback from me, along with feedback and a sense of community from the other writers.

Next session is the Spring 23 Writing Workshop, commencing after the October 14 (referendum) – tbc.

Participants produce thousands of words, explore new ideas and projects, and very often return to ‘old’ manuscripts with new insights and enthusiasm. I love to inspire, encourage and challenge writers to produce their best work. I ensure that there’s no bad vibes, and that everyone feels confident to share their work.

The workshop is comprised of six 2-week writing and feedback blocks, each of which includes a one hour workshop via zoom. In the first week of each block you focus on writing and then posting your work. The second week of each block involves you in reading the work of two other writers, giving feedback and receiving feedback from them and myself. Your workshop group changes each block. I provide feedback on everyone’s work throughout. Each writer receives feedback every fortnight, along with a zoom workshop.

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Structure: 7 x fortnights, working online with a fortnightly zoom meeting of all participants (6-9 students):

  • Introductory live meeting (zoom) – we meet, greet, share, some speed writing etc!
  • Then six interactive live workshop sessions, evenings (zoom) – intensive reading of each writer’s work
  • Individual dialogues with me, via phone/email are included
  • The workshop is run from the user-friendly learning platform WetInk, which is dedicated to creative writing teaching and workshop space. Face to face meetings use zoom.

The workshop is suitable if you’re:

  • You’re starting, planning or underway with a work and keen to have feedback on it, 
  • You’re writing a short story, flash fiction/nonfiction, memoir, novel (all genres), hybrid works of narrative essay or narrative poetry etc. You’re writing, but you’re not sure ‘what’ exactly you’re writing.
  • You want to be challenged to try new techniques and develop new skills in the craft of writing, 
  • You’re blocked or stuck with an idea or manuscript and need feedback to find ways to approach the work and get it going again, 
  • You’re feeling that you urgently need a deadline and insightful readers, and for whatever reason (demands of work or family etc) are finding it challenging to maintain a regular writing habit, 
  • You want to spend time talking to other writers about what you love most, writing and reading, 
  • AND, you’re prepared to provide and to receive written feedback, and meet the fortnightly writing and feedback deadlines.

You’ll be working on whatever writing you’re wanting to develop. This might be an ‘old’ novel or short story, memoir or hybrid work; it might be a new work that you want to embark upon; or perhaps you want to experiment with something and need feedback to see if you’re on the right track. Whatever your project is, this workshop is dedicated to supporting each writer to write their best work and to feel good about the writing experience.

What the students have said and experienced. Click here for comments and insights from past participant writers …

Cost & Payment

  • $685.00 New participant.
  • $635.00 Alumni: you have completed one or more of my workshops.
  • Payment options: PayPal; Credit card, Direct Deposit.
  • No refunds or credits after the course starts, though the enrolment can be transferred to another suitable participant if they’re available and the workshop has not yet begun.

Past Workshops

  • Summer 23 Workshop, Jan 17 – April 11
  • Autumn 22 Workshop, 27 April – 6 July 2022
  • Spring 22 Workshop, 6 Sept  – 29 Nov 2022
  • Summer 21 Workshop 18 Nov- 17 Feb 2022