Sustained Manuscript Development

The Sustained Development approach provides writers with a series of one-on-one meetings. This approach offers you time to develop the manuscript along with deadlines to work towards, and one-on-one feedback along the way.

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Before the first meeting I will have read some or all of your manuscript which we’ll discuss at the first meeting, along with making plans for the next weeks or months. Each meeting will include in-depth discussion of your work.

Together we plan structure the Sustained Development mentoring to suit your needs. Sometimes it’s more important to have detailed close written feedback, other times it is more important to have an in-depth conversation about your writing, your process and how to progress with the work.

As a very experienced teacher and learning designer, I may also suggest readings and exercises to help you develop further in your writing. For writers whose work requires historical, archival, library or ethnographic research, I can offer suggestions and guidance based on my extensive research experience.

Rates: Starts at 10 hours $1,750; 20 hours $3,060. Payable on acceptance. Reading time is included in these hours. Reading times can vary because sometimes a work is a rough, early draft, other times the work might have gone through a series of close edits. Manuscripts are very varied and individual.

A working estimate (based on Australian Society of Authors estimates and my own experience) is up to 10K words— two-three hours, 35K words —eight hours, 70K words — sixteen hours

MQ graduate discount

Graduates of Master of Creative Writing or the Creative Writing Major whom I taught during my many wonderful years at Macquarie University receive a 10% discount on their first package.