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The Women’s Pool is a collection of memoirs and histories that celebrate Australia’s only women’s pool. Editor and writer, Lynne Spender, gathered these stories to honour the pool’s history and singular existence: McIver’s Ladies Baths will be one hundred years old in 2022. The contributions are as diverse as the women who’ve swum and gathered there over the many decades and seasons.

‘You need thalassa therapy, the woman said to me…In the early morning before the day has told you what it is going to be like, take yourself into the sea.’

‘Morning thalassa’, Jane Messer, the women’s pool

The history of Coogee’s McIver’s Ladies Baths is told in these stories from women who have found friendship, sanctuary and sheer pleasure as they have gathered and swum at ‘the Women’s Pool’.

Lynne Spender, editor. Spinifex Press (print/ebook, $26.95).

The ancient seasonal cycles find their own rhythm at our pool, at our place of ‘women’s business’. In the vastness of the largest Continent on Earth, it is a tiny space of companionship if wanted, or solitude if needed.

Mary Goslett, ‘Women’s business’

Author: Jane Messer

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